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c. 350-130 BCE c. 175-90 BCE c. 90 BCE - 20 CE
pre-Seleucid (before 312 BCE) INDO-GREEK KINGS: Theophilus
Seleucos I (Seleucid) Apollodotus I Peucolaos
Antiochos I (Seleucid) Antimachus II Nicias
BACTRIAN KINGDOM: Menander I Menander II
Diodotos Zoilus I Hermaios & Calliope
Euthydemos I Agathocleia Hermaios
Demetrios I Strato I Artemidoros
Euthydemos II Lysias Archebios
Pantaleon Antialcidas Telephos
Agathocles Heliocles II Apollodotus II
Antimachus I Polyxenus Hippostratos
Demetrius II Demetrius III Dionysios
Eucratides I Philoxenus Zoilus II
Plato Diomedes Apollophanes
Eucratides II Amyntas Strato II
Heliocles I Epander Bhadrayasha
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