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The Coin Galleries: Indo-Greeks: Epander (c. 95-90 BCE)

Epander must have had a very short reign as he issued only three coin types: the two illustrated here and another rare bronze type which featured an elephant on the obverse and Nike (as on the obverse of the bronze coin below) on the reverse.


Epander, Silver drachm
Weight: 2.38 gm. Diameter: 16 mm Die axis: 11h
Diademed bust of king right, Greek legend around:
     (Basileos Nikephorou Epandrou ... of King Epander, the bearer of victory)
Seen from behind, Athena Alkidemos standing left, holding shield
     on outstretched left arm, hurling thunderbolt with right hand,
     monogram at right,
     Kharoshthi legend around: maharajasa jayadharasa / epadrasa
Reference: MIG 301a, Bop 1A
Although the Greek title on Epander's coin is different from the one on those of Amyntas (NIKHΦOPOY instead of NIKATOPOΣ), the Prakrit translation in the Kharoshthi legend is the same: jayadharasa. The silver drachm is the only known silver coin type of Epander.

Epander, Bronze Quadruple
Weight: 11.21 gm. Dimensions: 21 x 24 mm Die axis: 12h
Winged Nike standing right, holding wreath and palm,
     Greek legend around: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / NIKHΦOPOY / EΠANΔPOY
Humped bull standing right, monogram at right,
     Kharoshthi legend around: maharajasa / jayadharasa / epadrasa
Reference: MIG 302b, Bop 2A
Besides this coin type, Epander issued one other bronze type, which featured an elephant walking right on the obverse and a winged Nike on the reverse.
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