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The Coin Galleries: Bactria: Pantaleon

Pantaleon was a very short-lived ruler, judging by the sxtreme scarcity of his coins. He is dated to c. 185-180 BCE. Conventionally, his coins are presented after those of Agathocles, but, considering that Agathocles issued coins in commemoration of Pantaleon, it seems more logical to me to present the coins of Pantaleon first.


Bactria: Pantaleon, Silver tetradrachm, c. 185-180 BCE
Weight: 16.11 gm., Diam: 31 mm., Die axis: 1 h
Diademed head of king facing right, pearled border around /
Zeus enthroned left, holding sceptre behind him with his left hand
     and holding Hecate bearing flaming torches in his right hand,
      monogram in lower left field
One of the great rarities of the Bactrian series.

Bactria: Pantaleon, Cupro-nickel dichalkon (double unit), c. 185-180 BCE
Weight: 7.01 gm., Diam: 23 mm., Die axis: 12 h
Laureate head of Dionysos facing right /
Panther standing right with raised paw
      monogram in lower left field
The panther was the animal associated with Dionysos.

Bactria: Pantaleon, AE square 1.5 karshapana, c. 185-180 BCE
Weight: 12.74 gm., Dim: 23 x 20 mm., Die axis: 12 h
Female deity moving left, holding flower
     Brahmi legend: Rajane Patalevasa /
Lion standing right,
The first Greek coin aimed at an Indian audience! We have an Indian style deity, a square flan (recall that Mauryan coins were typically.square), a legend in Brahmi, and a weight-standard that seems to be associated with an Indian standard.
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