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The Coin Galleries: Bactria: Demetrius II

Demetrius II, despite the congruence of name, does not appear to have been related to the Euthydemid Demetrios I, since he did not use Herakles on his coins. He must have had a short reign as his coins are rare. The only coin types known are the silver tetradrachm and drachm. He is probably the same Demetrius mentioned by Justin as "king of the Indians" who was overthrown by the usurper Eucratides. Bopearachchi dates his reign to c. 175-170 BCE, but it was probably even shorter, as the rarity of his coins attests.

Demetrius II

Bactria: Demetrios II, Silver tetradrachm, c. 175-170 BCE
Weight: 16.16 gm., Diam: 30 mm., Die axis: 12 h
Diademed bust of king facing right, bead and reel border around /
Athena standing facing, holding shield in left hand, spear in right
     Greek legend: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY
      monogram in lower left field

Bactria: Demetrios II, Silver drachm, c. 175-170 BCE
Weight: 3.97 gm., Diam: n.a., Die axis: 12 h
Diademed head of king facing right, wearing elephant scalp head-dress /
Nude Herakles standing facing, holding club and lion skin in left hand,
     and crowning himself with his right hand,
     Greek legend: BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΔHMHTPIOY
      monogram in lower left field
Photo courtesy CNG.
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