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The Coin Galleries: Western Kshatrapas: Rudrasena IV

Rudrasena IV seemed to follow his father Simhasena, although his dates are not entirely clear either and there was probably some overlap between the two reigns. It appears his coins are known from 305 and 306, which period falls entirely within Simhasena's reign. This period of Western Kshatrapa history is still quite unclear. The coins of Rudrasena IV are rare.

Rudrasena IV as mahakshatrapa

Rudrasena IV as mahakshatrapa, silver drachm
S. 305-306 ? (=383-84 CE)

Head of king right, date behind head /
Chaitya (3-arched hill), river below, crescent moon and sun above, Brahmi legend around
     rajna mahakshatrapasa swami sihasenaputrasa
     rajna mahakshatrapasa swami rudrasenasa

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