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The Coin Galleries: Bajranggarh

Bajranggarh was a short-lived state near Gwalior. All coins were minted in the name of Jai Singh. In 1818, Bajranggarh was conquered by the Sindhia and incorporated into Gwalior State.

Jai Singh (1797-1818)

Jai Singh, Silver rupee, year 17
Weight: 10.77 gm. Diameter: 21 mm Die axis: 11 o'clock
Devanagari legend: sri raghav partap pavan-putra bala pai ke
     Hanuman's mace at right /
Devanagari legend: yeh sike par chaap maharaj jai singh ki 17 jainagar,
     (the stamp of Jai Singh on this coin, 17 Jainagar).
Reference: KM 9
Jai Singh must have been a devotee of Hanuman, who was also named Bajrang Bali. The state appears to be named after him and Jai Singh refers to himself as Pavan-putra ... Pavan was another name for Hanuman. Hanuman's mace is pictured on the right of the obverse. Jainagar refers to the mint town of Bajranggarh.
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