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The Coin Galleries: Bahawalpur

The state of Bahawalpur was established in the late 18th century when Muhammad Bahawal Khan II asserted his independence from the Afghans. The independence was short-lived, however, as the state came under British influence around 1820. In 1947, Bahawalpur was the most important Princely State in Pakistan.

Mohammed Bahawal Khan III (1825-52)

Mohammed Bahawal Khan III silver reduced weight rupee, Ahmadpur mint
Weight: 7.55 gm. Diameter: 20 mm Die axis: 9 o'clock
Legend /
Legend, with AH date 1265 (= 1848-49 CE)
Reference: KM Y3.1
Sadiq Mohammed Khan V (1907-1947)

Sadiq Mohammed V: Copper Quarter Anna
Weight: 4.70 gm. Diameter: 25 mm Die axis: 12 o'clock
Bust of Sadiq Mohammed left, legend around: Al-Haj Sadiq Mohammed V Abassi
     date below: 1940 /
Toughra legend, legend below: One Quarter Anna, Bahawalpur State,
     AH legend at left: 1309, crescent moon and star at right,
     all surrounded by a circle of 5-pointed stars
Reference: KM 13
1940 was the only year the quarter annas were issued.
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