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The Coin Galleries: Western Kshatrapas: Samghadāman

Samghadāman was Dāmasena's brother and probably a rebel against his brother. We surmise this from the fact that his coins, which are extremely rare, are dated from just one year, 149, which was in the middle of Dāmasena's reign. Further, Samghadāman's coins name him mahakshatrapa, in direct conflict with Dāmasena's own title, and his coins all exhibit the characteristics of coins from mint B .... hence they were issued from a different mint. Judging by the extreme rarity of the coins, Dāmasena must have put down the rebellion in short order.


Samghadāman as mahakshatrapa, silver drachm
dated S. 149 (=227 CE)

Head of king right, date behind head: 149 /
Chaitya (3-arched hill), river below, crescent moon and sun above, Brahmi legend around
     rajno mahakshatrapasa rudrasihasaputrasa rajno mahakshatrapasya saghadamnah
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