About CoinIndia

COININDIA is intended to be a resource for collectors of Indian coins. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive web-based catalog of coins from India. "India" is defined the way it has been among numismatists for the last 150 years, and therefore the site will include many coins from the areas that are now the modern countries of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

There were two motivations in starting this site:
1. It was high time the power of the web was applied to the problem of cataloging coins. Printed catalogs go out of date all of the time, but a web-based catalog can simply be up-dated regularly as new discoveries are made.
2. Coins that pass into private hands frequently fall from view and become inaccessible to scholars. A website that displays privately held coins allows these coins to remain available for study.

If you have coin images you can offer for inclusion in this site, or would like to offer feedback and suggestions for improving this site, please e-mail us.

We hope you enjoy COININDIA!