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Maghas of Kausambi: Bhadramagha, clay sealing, c. 208-214 CE
Weight: 15.78 gm., Diam: 38 mm.
Brahmi legend: maharajasya kotsiputrasya sri bhadramaghasya
Above: Bull left, with goddess standing at left and indistinct symbol at right,
Below: Bow and arrow and six-arched hill or chaitya
Ref: Unpublished
This featured item is not a coin but a clay sealing or bulla. Bullae are similar to coins in that they typically contain similar information: some symbols of importance and the name of the person sending the package whose contents are being protected by the seal.

The Maghas of Kausambi appear to be a dynasty which gained control of the area around Kausambi during the period when the Kushan empire was in its decline and the Gupta empire had not yet emerged. Their original base may have been in Baghelkhand in Madhya Pradesh. Their inscriptions and coins have been found there and in an area from Allahabad to Fatehpur, corresponding to the area of the ancient kingdom of Vatsa. Bhadramagha was one of the kings in Kausambi. Inscriptions of his with dates ranging from 81 to 87 have been found. There is some debate over which era these dates are in, but if they are in the Kanishka era (which seems logical), the dates of Bhadramagha would be c. 208-214 CE. Coins of the Maghas can be seen on the Maghas page.

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