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Surasena janapada, Silver 1/2 karshapana, c. 4th Century BCE
Weight: 1.76 gm. Dimensions: 11 x 8 mm Die axis: n.a.
Stylized fish over stylized lion right, ancillary symbols at right /
Reference: Rajgor --- (unlisted), van't Haaff --- (unlisted), Tandon new type B
The Surasena janapada was located in western Uttar Pradesh, with its capital at Mathura. The usual coins from Surasena feature what appear to be a "fish" over a "lion," with added taurines, crescents and dots. Mitchiner assigned these coins to the Avanti janapada, but Rajgor and van't Haaff assign them to Surasena.

This coin is a new type not seen in any of the previous catalogues. Eye copy of the design is at left. What is most interesting about this coin is that it features an elephant as an auxiliary symbol; there were no animals in the auxiliary symbols catalogued by van't Haaff. Click on the thumbnail at left to see an enlargement of the elephant.

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