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Indo-Greek: Hermaios Silver drachm, c. 90-70 BCE
Weight: 2.47 gm. Diameter: 19-17 mm Die axis: 12h
Bare-headed, diademed bust of king right, Greek legend around:
     (Basileos Soteros Hermaiou ... of King Hermaios, the Saviour)
Zeus enthroned three-quarters left, holding sceptre in left hand
     and bestowing blessing with right hand,
     Kharoshthi legend around: maharajasa tratarasa / heramayasa
Reference: MIG 415 var, Bop 3 var
A previously unpublished variety that features a monogram well-known in the Indo-Greek series, but previously unknown for Hermaios. This PKA monogram was last used by Antialcidas on his Zeus-reverse type ... a type with a reverse design corresponding to this Hermaios issue. It suggests that, at least in the area where that monogram was used, Hermaios succeeded Antialcidas. The similarity of execution on this coin with some coins featuring the PKB monogram seen on the first drachm on the Hermaios page suggests also that the PKB monogram replaced the PKA monogram.

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